21 Fashion Crimes I’ve Committed in 21 Years!

We’re all guilty- every single one of us. At least once in our lifetime, we have all made some mistakes in our fashion sense or have been enthralled by trends we would cringe at now. The most important thing is that we learn from our fashion faux pas and vow to never make those mistakes again. So, I have generated a list all the fashion crimes I have committed in my 21 years of being alive in the hope that I can save some of you from making similar mistakes!

  1.  Cheetah -Printed Everything! – In small doses, animal print can be cute but I went through a phase of pairing an animal printed top with a loud pair of cheetah printed pants. My advice: If you want to wear animal prints, keep it classy in the form of accessories such as shoes or scarves.
  2. Too much Sex Appeal – Skin tight skinny jeans, skin tight (and fat hugging) crop tops. My advice: Pair skin tight/ form-fitting pieces with a baggier loose-fitting item to create a polished look. Classy not trashy, people!
  3. Faking a Good Fit – If something doesn’t fit, why buy it? Because I like it, I used to argue. I’ve realized though that fit makes or breaks an outfit. My advice: If it doesn’t fit, don’t waste your money. Don’t buy items that hug you in unflattering ways or items that drown you in material. Do buy items which flatter your curves and give you shape but disguise your problem areas.
  4. Booty Shorts – Unless you’re at the beach, ditch the booty shorts. Booty shorts never look classy or sexy in any other setting. My advice: Buy shorts that actually cover and shape your bottom rather than leave it hanging.
  5. Exposed Bra Straps – I understand that sometimes this one is unavoidable but there are some things you can do to try and prevent it. My advice: If you are wearing a top which may leave your bra straps exposed either stick with a strapless bra or wear a cute bralette- this can make the strap slip seem intentional.
  6. Ripped Jeans – They are trying to make a comeback but more often that not, they look scruffy instead of sophisticated. My advice: Stick to your basic jeans which are timeless and you will probably get a lot more use out of.
  7. Scruchies – They were considered cool in the 90s but they are a trend I’d rather leave in the 90s. My advice: Ditch the scrunchies and enhance your look with another form of a decorative hair tie or headpiece. Think silver, gold and rose gold.
  8. The Bun – Messy buns are totally cute but not all day everyday! My advice: Save the messy buns for those days you can’t be bothered to do or wash your hair and instead put some effort into your appearance with a cute hairdo.
  9. Pleather on Pleather – I love faux-leather as an individual piece but you can have too much leather. My advice: Pair your leathers with different fabrics instead of wearing them all at once. This will avoid that just-walked-out-of-a-gang-movie look.
  10. Visible Panty Lines – I used to very much be against thongs but underwear lines just aren’t cute. My advice: Wear the appropriate underwear or don’t wear any at all. There’s nothing flattering about being able to trace out your underwear!
  11. Comfort is Key – There’s nothing worse than spending 8 hours a day or more in something that keeps riding up, scratching you or preventing you from breathing. My advice: Instead of adjusting your outfit every 5 minutes, wear pieces that you feel comfortable in because it’s quite obvious when you aren’t.
  12. Flip-Flops Go With Everything! – This may be one I’m guilty of the most often but flip-flops are not the miracle shoe! My advice: Flip-flops are wonderful with shorts and for the beach in the summer but a pair of strappy sandals (flat or heeled) would be more appropriate for an everyday setting.
  13. Filling in Your Eyebrows Too DarkMy advice: Stick with your shade for eyebrows- not too light, not too dark. There’s no use in walking around looking like a clown!
  14. Massive Earrings – Another 90s trend. My advice: Wear studs or small dangly earrings as wearing earrings which hit your shoulders give the wrong impression and can actually cheapen your look.
  15. Too Much Colour – Don’t get me wrong, I can appreciate a good pop of colour and matching different colours, just don’t get carried away and start making a rainbow. My advice: Wear basic neutral pieces and add some colour whether it be a bright top with dark wash jeans or a bold statement necklace. Another option would be wear two different colours which compliment one another such as pale pink with an olive, army green or navy blue and grey.
  16. Being Too Plain – Believe it or not, there is such a thing as being too much of a Plain Jane! My advice: Don’t forget fashion is all about self-expression so don’t be afraid to make a statement and step out of a box. That’s the best way to learn anyways, right?
  17. T-shirts With Slogans/Witty Sayings – I used to think that this made you look cool and magically gave you a sense of humour, but I’m starting to realize just how wrong I was… My advice: Stick to basic tees and graphic tees but stay away from slogan tees.
  18. Socks With Flip-Flops – Thankfully, I can say that this is not one I have committed personally but I don’t think I need to explain as to why you should. My advice: Either wear flip-flops and let your skin breathe or cover up in socks and sneakers, but not both!
  19. Crocs – This former trend is long dead! My advice: Burn your crocs.
  20. Short-Sleeve T-shirts Over Long-Sleeved Shirts – Hard trend to pull off now and then. Can’t say it ever looked good when I did it. My advice: Again, pick one or the other, but not both.
  21. Fake Designer Bags – It’s usually obvious when one is wearing a fake bag. My advice: If you can’t afford the designer version, buy an inexpensive bag that isn’t trying to mimic Louis Vuitton or some other well-known brands.

Disclaimer: This post is based on my own opinions and is not intended to offend anyone. If you have committed these ‘crimes’ and wish to continue doing so, that is absolutely perfect. I am in no way shaming anybody; I just thought this post was a fun idea. Fashion is about self-expression after all, so you should wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and happy regardless of what others say/do.

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